• Winterbloom is a collective of four successful, internationally touring singer-songwriters – Antje Duvekot, Anne Heaton, Meg Hutchinson, and Natalia Zukerman.

    While carving their own paths in indie Folk, Americana, Pop and Singer-Songwriter music, each have celebrated one another’s accomplishments on the road, and fostered the spirit of collaboration back at home (at one time they all lived in Boston – Anne is now in Chicago, Natalia in Brooklyn).

    One magical show in December 2008 moved them tour together in 2009 as “Winterbloom” with a winter/holiday album they wrote and recorded called “Winterbloom: Traditions Rearranged.” On their first tour in 2009, they played select shows in the US in the Northeast, Midatlantic and Midwest regions including performing live at Folk Alley, Mountain Stage and First Night Boston. They received rave reviews of both the fresh new recordings and moving live concerts, prompting them to reunite in the summer of 2010 for the Boston Music Festival and Lilith Fair. In 2011, they brought their holiday show to Antje’s homeland Germany and also played in The Netherlands. They were also featured artists on Cayamo 2012 and performed at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival in August of 2013.

    This winter, the group is planning something a little different: a 3 night "residency" in the home of some Boston friends. They are calling the weekend, Music to Table and the attendees will receive not only an exclusive concert, but a gourmet sit down dinner with the artists. Fostering community and creating a warm, spirit-filled vibe has always been Winterbloom's aim and this year is no exception. Because attendance is so limited and because the shows are solely in the Boston area, the group will be broadcasting the shows via their website and hope that viewers will enjoy the show while having wonderful family and extended family meals together! More information >>
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    Winterbloom – 2013 Music to Table, a time to gather and reflect!

    Winter is a time for gathering – and sometimes it’s even more fun to gather with friends than family!

    It’s in this spirit that a new holiday tradition has emerged – a tradition of friendship and music. Songwriters Antje Duvekot, Anne Heaton, Meg Hutchinson and Natalia Zukerman have been touring as “Winterbloom” since 2008. With diverse reflections and experiences to share, Winterbloom creates an evening of warmth, friendship, sarcasm, reverence and irreverence that has become a tradition to their loyal fans.

    Winterbloom - Music to TableBut this year, Winterbloom is doing things a bit differently. With changes around the world that are reflected in touring costs and overall wear and tear on the collective spirit, the group planned on taking a year “off” from touring this year. But the thought of not being together at all and not providing what has become a holiday tradition to so many felt sad and neglectful so the group decided to expand their vision and in doing so, have created a lavish event: an exclusive three-night stint near Boston in the private home of some good friends. But this will not be any ordinary house concert- there will be a gourmet home-cooked meal complete with traditional recipes from all four women, fun activities and of course, music music music. Following the great Farm to Table model, Winterbloom is dreaming up a Music to Table experience wherein the “audience” becomes community, the concert hall becomes dining room, and the stage becomes a place to reflect, to tell stories and to dream. Expect to still hear some of your old Winterbloom favorites but there will be an expanded repertoire reflecting the songwriters’ diverse backgrounds. Where else can you experience a multi-cultural holiday celebration with songs in Hebrew, Tibetan and German, weaving Christian, Jewish, Buddhist and family related themes? This evening will be broadcast on Winterbloom.com so that folks who can’t make it to one of the three shows can still experience the evening with their communities and tickets will be available to the first 30 people who respond for each night.

    Through food, community, friendship and song, both the sacred and the hilarious will be explored again this year with Winterbloom’s signature spirit of reunion as these four talented friends come together again for what has fast become their very own shared annual tradition.

    Winterbloom holiday music on your radio

    This week, we are pleased to announce you will have several opportunities to tune in and hear Winterbloom’s holiday music show on your local radio stations and online. Here’s how…

    FOLK ALLEY on WKSU Ohio and online
    Since Winterbloom spent much of this holiday season in Germany, bringing their holiday music show to Antje’s homeland, there were limited concerts in the US. The lucky folks of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey and New York can tell you, this year’s Winterbloom shows have been touching, fun, and warm with holiday spirit. If you missed them, have no fear! Our good friend and live recording guru Keith Richardson was there to capture some of the magic in a bottle…

    photo by Adam Jason, courtesy of 92Y Tribeca New York

    As a special treat, Folk Alley has kindly offered to broadcast a recording of Winterbloom’s December 5th show at the Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton Massachusetts several times over the coming days. The show will also be available on demand for listening on the Folk Alley website for a limited time.

    Here are the air times, a far as we know:
    Dec 24th at 6pm and Dec 25th at midnight, 8am and 12pm noon

    More details on how to tune in to hear the show at FolkAlley.com >>

    Please also make a donation to Folk Alley’s year end fund drive!

    MOUNTAIN STAGE on NPR and online
    Last year, Winterbloom appeared on NPR’s Mountain Stage. They made a long wintery drive from Chicago to West Virginia thru the night, and were thrilled to perform for cheerful holiday concert goers. It was among the first appearances they made touring together with their new holiday album “Winterbloom: Traditions Rearranged.” We are pleased to hear that Mountain Stage will be re-airing that performance throughout the Christmas Weekend.

    Here is a complete list of stations that carry Mountain Stage >>

    Next week, the show will be posted at NPR.org/mountainstage >>

    A little video snippet from last year’s tour -

    We look forward to another season together as Winterbloom!

    Winterbloom’s Lilith Fair experience

    video and photography by Asia Kepka, Market Monkeys

    And thanks to this audience member, who captured footage of the encore!

    Winterbloom featured on Strictly Global TV Program

    Strictly Global Season Premier Episode: Lilith 2010
    Televised series Strictly Global is dedicated to breaking new music and emerging talent. This year’s season premiere highlighted Lilith 2010. The episode featured interviews with musician and Lilith founder Sarah McLachlan, Nettwerk label head and Lilith co-founder Terry McBride, as well as OurStage CEO Ben Campbell. The winners of the Lilith Local Talent Search were spotlighted, and the show included interview with Winterbloom about their experience performing Lilith Fair in Boston.

    Watch the Lilith Fair episode featuring Winterbloom in its entirety at ourstage.com/go/lilith2010

    OurStage: “The Winter of Our Content”

    OurStage Blog review by Kate B
    View all OurStage blog entries about Winterbloom at:

    Supergroups can go both ways—the members’ star power can collide and spectacularly self implode with one hit, a la Velvet Revolver and Audioslave. Or they can integrate more gracefully and enjoy a longer ride, like Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Winterbloom is almost certainly destined for lasting adoration. The side project of five, renowned Boston-based singer-songwriters already selling-out shows on their own—the group coalesced after what was supposed to be a one-off performance together at a Cambridge club. Listen to just one of their songs and you’ll understand why the audience fell hard that night. Start with “The Alchemist,” a full collaboration between member songwriters Antje Duvekot, Anne Heaton, Meg Hutchinson, Rose Polenzani and Natalia Zukerman. Sparse and lovely, the tune familiarizes the audience with each voice in turn—every ridge and notch, every barb and lilt. Apart, their timbres are completely unique, but together they melt into sailing harmonies that bring on the chills. “Rexroth’s Daughter” is alt-country perfection, a quixotic and dusty union of lap steel and burnished croons. For “Tumbalalaika (The Riddle)” Winterbloom trades Americana for a Slavic folk song—haunting and dark. There’s an enormous amount of talent at this table so you’ll want to sit with these songs a good while.

    Lilith Boston recap in OurStage blog

    OurStage “Lilith Local Talent Search” Boston winners Winterbloom were the first band of the day on the Village Stage. Winterbloom, a singer-songwriter/folk supergroup of sorts, is made up of Boston singer-songwriter stars Meg Hutchinson, Antje Duvekot, Anne Heaton, Natalia Zukerman and special guest Rose Polenzani. Separately, each of these women is a musical force to be reckoned with. Together, they are on another level. The Winterbloom women and their sweet vocal harmonies greeted Lilith attendees as they filled into the Comcast Center. What did it feel like to perform at Lilith? “It felt amazing!,” said Winterbloom’s Ann Heaton, “Each day I keep wanting to know who to thank at OurStage for managing the competition and helping this come to be…Lilith itself had such a great supportive feeling of community… It was great to be around such talented, smart and kind women doing their own things in their own ways!” Bandmate Rose Polenzani echoes Heaton’s sentiments. “We had such a wonderful time at Lilith Fair… Right before the finale, one of the backstage crew members held up an assortment of percussion instruments and offered them to anyone who wanted to play them. This gesture showed such a spirit of fun and welcoming…” “Having the Lilith Fair date did give us something to work toward as a band,” said Winterbloom’s Antje Duvekot, “And the audience at Lilith Fair was really great and supportive of our performance.”

    Did your judging help Winterbloom win? The women of Winterbloom put together a special video just for you! View their thank-you video here…

    Read the full story and see photos at:

    Winterbloom featured in Lilith Boston official video